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Authentic Lamb Tacos Moctezuma Style

For years, Moctezuma Restaurant was Bella Vista's friendly neighborhood diner, serving delicious and authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. Unfortunately, Moctezuma recently closed and so we as patrons, diners and friends alike would like to extend our gratitude to the great work done by the owners and the staff that made the restaurant a greatly loved and sorely missed staple of Philadelphia dining. Thanks!

1108 S 9th St, Philadelphia, Pa 19147.

Business Hours: Mon-Tues: 09:00 AM-10:00 PM, Wed-Sun: 09:00 AM-11:00 PM

Moctezuma Restaurant Interior Moctezuma restaurant is a home-from-home for the local Bella Vista community. With a BYO alcohol policy, friendly staff and affordable yet delicious food, it is cherished by new and old customers alike. Why not drop in for a traditional Huevos Rancheros breakfast or the ever-popular Pescado veracruzano dinner?

Our Dishes Moctezuma house specials include the delicious Pollo Moctezuma and the mouth-watering Poblano a la ranchera! Come by and try them for yourself, or take your pick from an extensive menu to suit every taste.